Summer Home Improvement Trends

With nearly half the year behind us – and after spending most of it indoors, courtesy of the quarantine – you may have noticed your home needs more improvements than you thought. Or perhaps you're just craving something new. Be it a new color in the office or a bathroom remodel, these home improvement trends are among the most popular updates people are making to their homes this summer.

Open Shelves

This trend has become a kitchen favorite in many homes. The minimal design is a winner for those craving modern, open spaces.

Classic Blue

This year's Pantone color of the year is classic blue and it's showing up in several spaces. If you're looking for a tone that speaks confidence, calm, and connection, you can't go wrong with classic blue.

Health and Safety Over Savings

If you're a Millennial or Generation Z-er, you may be more concerned with wellness and security measures than with how much money you're saving. That being said, taking extra safety precautions and opting for energy-efficient features can end up saving you money anyway through lower home insurance and utility bill costs. It's a win-win.

Free Standing Tub

A few years back, toilet closets or having a toilet far from where people wash up became the standard for newer homes. Now, free standing bathtubs are a thing. A tub that's separate from the shower gives bathrooms a spa-like feel fit for me-time indulgence.

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