3 Ways to Protect Your Home Foundation from Water Damage

A solid foundation is key for anything long-lasting. Be it a relationship, a career, or your home, having a strong and secure foundation can help ensure the future of what's built is safe. When it comes to your house, a weak foundation can cause big-time damage if not completely cave in. The repairs that come with needing to fix a foundation could very well cost more than what you feel the house is even worth. That's why it's important to ensure the foundation is solid and strong from the very beginning.

What causes damage to the foundation of a house?

Natural disasters such as earthquakes can cause the foundation of a home to crumble. Even things like large tree roots or extreme temperatures can bring harm. The biggest culprit, however, is moisture.

When rain, snow, or broken pipes cause water to accumulate around your home, that's when the foundation begins to break down. Before you know it, cracks and leaks will result simply from the pressure of built-up moisture on the foundation. As a result, you could potentially face dangerous electrical hazards and mold in addition to the damage to the structure of your home. That's why protecting the foundation of your house from water is so important.

1. Get a good drainage system

Ideally, the ground around your home should slope a bit – about 6-inches – away from the house. If it doesn't, adding clay soil around your house can protect it from moisture. Also, be sure your basement has a proper exterior drain system.

2. Keep your gutters clean

Check out our article on how to keep your roof and gutters clean here. Keeping gutters free of leaves and debris will help ensure water flows with ease.

3. Don't let the ground dry out

When it doesn't rain for a long period of time, the next downpour onto the extra dry soil will cause added pressure on your home's foundation and walls.

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