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10 Tips for Keeping Your Roof and Gutters Clean

When it comes to your home's roof and gutters, keeping them clean is essential for maintaining the safety and security of your house. Timely and efficient cleaning prevents algae and decay and helps ensure you get the longest lifespan possible out of your roof and gutters. Cleaning your roof and gutters can also impact the lifespan of your windows. Here, we'll explore the importance of cleaning your roof and gutters and discover how JLM Construction in Kansas City, Kansas can help.

1. Algae is eating your roof.

Believe it or not, algae isn't just ugly. It's alive. And it's eating your roof! The shingles on your roof do more than provide shelter. They actually protect you from UV rays. If they deteriorate, not only will you be less protected but you'll also notice the cost of your AC bill dramatically increasing.

2. Once every three years is ideal.

Sometimes, algae can start to grow before you see it. Getting your roof cleaned once every three years is a good idea in order to prevent algae from getting out of control and causing major damage to your roof.

3. It's best to hire a professional.

These days, anything can be a DIY project ⁠— and that includes cleaning your roof. However, roof cleaning can be a complex and dangerous job that takes hours to complete. It's always best to work with a contracted company that knows exactly what they're doing. By hiring a company to clean your roof, you maintain your own safety while also leaving the expertise that goes into roof cleaning up to the experts.

If you're in the Greater Kansas City area, our team at JLM Construction is happy to help. We know which procedures and chemicals to use based on the type of shingles your roof has.

4. There's more than just one method of cleaning.

Between pressure washing and chemical washing, the type of cleaning your roof needs can vary. Whether or not you have a metal roof, the landscape of your home, and how big of a problem mold is are just a few considerations in determining the best cleaning method.

This is another reason why hiring a professional like JLM Construction is so crucial. The last thing you want to do is ruin your roof or cause runoff problems because you wanted to save a buck or two by doing it yourself.

5. Not cleaning your gutters can damage your roof.

As it rains, water should flow from the roof to the gutters and out the channel. Gutters clogged with dirt and debris prevent this proper flow from happening. Consequently, the rain will start to sit at the bottom of your roof and that can cause cracks which lead to leaks in your home. At that point, what would've been a rather inexpensive project (cleaning the gutters) then turns into a pretty costly project (roof and wall repairs).

6. Basement flooding is another issue.

Another issue of clogged gutters is basement flooding. When rainwater overflows at the base of your home, your basement is in grave danger ⁠— and so is the foundation of your house. Basement flooding can ruin your walls and furniture and cause mildew to grow.

7. Speaking of the foundation...

When the foundation of your home is ruined due to water from clogged gutters, it's no longer safe to live in. This is the worst type of problem to have as foundation repairs are highly expensive and any house that needs a new foundation won't pass inspection.

8. You'll find new friends.

Rodents and insects enjoy sitting in water. This could cause a major pest problem as you'll find yourself not dealing with unwanted creatures in your home on top of having to take care of issues caused by clogged gutters.

9. Prevent needing to replace gutters.

Keeping your gutters clean will help you avoid having to completely replace them. Build up of any kind can cause gutters to rust and rot. Build up can also cause your gutters to break, which could pose more of a threat to the safety of your home.

10. You want a professional for this job, too.

Houses have complicated slopes and angles that can be difficult to maneuver around while also balancing yourself on a ladder to clean your gutters. Leave this job up to the professionals who have the right equipment and training to handle these types of projects.

At JLM Construction, we're prepared to help clean your gutters quickly and efficiently. Get in touch with us today.

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